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The new site is located at  If you are finding this site it means that your local internet DNS has not yet updated.  When it does and you come back to the address you should see the new site.  It should be changed over to the new site by Wed March 20th.  If not wait a day and try again.

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Follow our YouTube channel harryjacksonstudios

2013 youtube promotion image

We have a YouTube channel HarryJacksonStudios where we will be posting videos and video clips about Harry Jackson.  We have trailers from our DVD’s that will be for sale on our new website. Probably about a week away from it going live but you can still watch the trailers now for Harry Jackson – A Man and his Art, The Art of Harry Jackson, Dreams into Reality.  There is an interview from 1981 when he was getting lots of press.  There is a video of bronze being poured at his studio/foundry in Italy and we will be adding video clips regularly so check back or subscribe.

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New Website coming soon…

2013 New website preview

We are in the process of designing a new website.  We are right at the end of the process and in less than 2 weeks it should be here.  We are really looking forward to having a shopping cart.  You will be able to browse through what we have for sale and buy it online.  We will be starting out small with items such as books, posters and DVDs.  We will be updating the products as we get used to the new site and get people’s feedback on what they are looking for.

This Blog will be disappearing but all the posts are copied to the new site already so we won’t loose this history.  The new site will be right here at so come back and take a look.

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An artist’s retreat – Harry Jackson’s Italian villa and studio

AVPageView 12122012 35242 PM The Harry Jackson Trust will be selling his Italian home and studio.   The property is located in Capezzano Pianore, Camaiore, Lucca, Italy.  The property is in an amazing location just over a mile from beautiful beaches and nestled in a valley surrounded by the alps.  For an artist this would be an increadible property with a house and an enormous, purpose built studio.

If you would like to see a brochure or have questions please email:

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1st Anniversary of Harry Jackson’s passing

It was today, a year ago, just before 5 pm that my father, Harry Jackson,  passed away.  It has been quite busy in the year since then.  I have just returned from a 3 week stay at his home and studio in Italy.  We children were all born overseas and grew up at the house in Italy (ok, that is an oversimplification but, believe me to keep this a post and not a novel, it must be done).  I was in Italy at the same time Chloe and Luke were there, and we went out to dinner and toasted our dad on his birthday.  We toasted Molly and Jesse and our combined mothers, Sarah and Tina, who were all back in the States.  My son Finn went on the trip with me – a member of the next Jackson generation – and his sister Solie took this picture of Harry a few years ago.  Molly’s daughters Emily and Julia were also in our thoughts on the evening of dad’s birthday.

I have certainly become more familiar with both dad’s art and his life in the last two years. I came back to work here at Harry Jackson Studios when he became sick in April of 2010. I have now seen art that I’d never seen before and reconnected with much that I’d forgotten.  His life was incredibly full and he lived it on the edge.  There are lots and lots of materials, such as letters, journals, magazine and newspaper clippings, which can be studied because he did not throw away such items.  There is so much information that needs to get out, to be communicated, to be dispersed via the web, but there have been other priorities in the short term.

I hope that soon the estate will be able to look and move forward, and begin the job of continuing and illustrating the depth of Harry Jackson’s legacy through communication, through research, and through shows of his art.  Slowly, it does begin to seem as if a new dawn is approaching when we will be able to turn our attention to the legacy of Harry Jackson, sharing it and growing it, instead of filling out lots and lots of paperwork about it.

It can get so busy that one can forget the person who did all of this and built the legacy and estate.  Harry Jackson will not be forgotten and his legacy will live on.

Matthew Jackson

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Merry Christmas, woodblock 1937

Merry Christmas, woodblock 1937

Merry Christmas
Happy New Years

from Harry Jackson’s family and Harry Jackson Studios

woodblock by Harry Jackson 1937, copyright all rights reserved Harry Jackson Trust
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Harry Jackson sculptures at Coeur d’Alene Art auction a success!

Over all it was a good auction.  There were some very good prices paid for Harry Jackson Sculptures.  The highest price of the group was for the Stampede sculpture at $105,300.  There were records set at auction for: the Pony Express Painted $64,350; Two Champs $52,650; The Flag Bearer Painted $52,650; The Cowboy’s Meditation Painted $43,800.

The Harry Jackson market is strong and the auction shows that.  He was an incredible artist and his sculptures are some of the finest ever created.

It was very nice to meet some of you who collect his sculptures and believe in the quality and power of his art.  Thanks to the staff of the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction who put on a real good show.

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