Harry Jackson’s “The Marshal Painted” of John Wayne in the Pageant of the Masters

Harry Jackson’s iconic sculpture “The Marshal II Painted” will appear in the 2010 Laguna Beach Festival of Arts – Pageant of the Masters.    The Marshal II Painted sculpture is a smaller version of Harry’s sculpture The Marshal Painted that appeared on the Time Magazine Cover on August 8, 1969.  The sculpture depicts John Wayne in his Oscar winning role as aging marshal Rooster Cogburn in the movie “True Grit”

Here’s a link to the Pageant of the Masters website: http://www.foapom.org/

The Festival of Arts is held July 7th through August 31st with nightly performances at 8:30pm in Laguna Beach California.  Look at the website for more information.  Hopefully they will post some images of their recreation of “The Marshal Painted” and I’ll post the links on this blog when that happens.

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2 Responses to Harry Jackson’s “The Marshal Painted” of John Wayne in the Pageant of the Masters

  1. Joe Nelson says:

    Please relay our condolences to the family and friends of Harry Jackson. Three generations of my family knew Harry. My grandfather Sid Nelson was foreman at the Pitchfork Ranch when Harry was a young cowboy there. My grandmother Hollywood cooked for the Pitchfork and my father Jack rode with Harry. I’m glad that my siblings got to meet Harry over these last few years. My wife and I are grateful to Harry for the invitations and the hospitality he extended us at his homes in Italy and in Cody. Harry was one of a kind and we’re going to miss him.
    Joe Nelson

  2. Dana Iverson says:

    Above my fire place in Newport Beach sits my fathers special gift from John Wayne. Harry Jackson John Wayne ” to Chick from Duke”. Dana Iverson

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