Harry Jackson sculptures at La Versiliana in Pietrasanta, Italy

Villa at La Versiliana park in Marina di Pietrasanta

Over the 28th and 29th of May 2011 there was a show called L’Arte del Cavallo (Art of the Horse) at La Versiliana park in Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy.

We will be updating this post with better photos as we get them. These photos are just quick snapshots of some of the sculptures on display.

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The name of Harry Jackson in that area is synonymous with the American West and horses and the life of the cowboy. People still remember in 1984 when his 22 foot sculpture of John Wayne on horseback titled “The Horseman” could be seen from a main road right next to the marble yard that had built the marble steps for it.

The Horseman Painted sculpture on display at marble yard in Pietrasanta Italy

Dad had it taken down to the marble yard to make sure it all went together well before it was shipped to America. The sculpture was on view for a week or more and drew thousands of viewers.

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2 Responses to Harry Jackson sculptures at La Versiliana in Pietrasanta, Italy

  1. Hello,
    I have repeatedly tried to leave messages expressing my sadness at the passing away of Harry Jackson. I was so privileged to meet him several times at his home in Pietrasanta. As an aspiring artist he gave me tremendous encouragement and I am now opening my first exhibition in Lucca.
    It starts on July 15th and lasts until the 28th of August.
    I would be really happy if any members of his family who happen to be in Lucca could attend.
    Please let me know if you would like an invitation or a brochure.
    Kind Regards
    Anthony Moman

  2. Michael Phillips says:

    For many years I’ve carried around the memories of meeting your father at his home/studio (circa 1984), and reminiscing about the huge John Wayne statue I saw there. I was a soldier stationed at Camp Darby Italy and along with many others, went on a tour of the Carrera marble quarries and afterwards, your father’s studio. I recall he was a fascinating man with an exuberance that made me want to study him and learn from him individually. I remember feeling selfish… there were just too many others on the tour with me. While there, we saw and heard so much history about sculpture from your father. Recently, I googled about his works, and read the news of his passing as well as found this site. I’m writing to express my condolences of his passing and to inquire whether you’d be interested in seeing the photos (slides) I took of his works (including “The Horseman” in situ).

    Michael Phillips

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