Rare Harry Jackson sculptures at the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction

I’ll be at the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction this weekend.  The Harry Jackson Estate has 13 sculptures in the auction.


The sculptures in the auction are like a greatest hits collection of Harry Jackson sculpture.  The Two Champs, Pony Express Painted, Marshal Painted, The Flag Bearer Painted and of course the Stampede sculpture.  In The Wind is a hauntingly beautiful mask of Sacagawea and has not been at auction before.  The Cowboys Meditation Painted was the first sculpture that he painted.  The sculpture had been completed, but after a while the color of the cowboy’s shirt nagged at him.  He wanted to know in such a situation what would the color of the shirt be and if he was wondering that so would other people wonder.  If it was a painting he’d know.  So he painted the sculpture and when people saw the final result they loved it.  The other sculptures in the auction have a tremendous history as well: Bronc Stomper Painted, Dog Soldier Painted, Foreman Painted, Sacagawea 3′ study for a monument, The Victor Painted, Algonquin Chief and Warrior Painted.

Over the next couple of day’s I’ll post images of the sculptures and some back ground on them.

A link to the auction website is: http://www.cdaartauction.com/

A link to the online auction catalog is: Catalog

I’ll be at the preview on Friday signing books.  I’ll have the following books with me:

  • Harry Jackson by Harry N. Abrams
  • Lost Wax Bronze Casting 2nd Edition Hard Cover
  • Lost Wax Bronze Casting 1st Edition Hard Cover signed by Harry Jackson
  • Harry Jackson – 40 Year Catalog
  • A monument in bronze Sacagawea by Harry Jackson

I will also have the following videos available:

  • Harry Jackson – A Man and his Art
  • The Art of Harry Jackson

Hope to see you there,

Matthew Jackson.

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One Response to Rare Harry Jackson sculptures at the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction

  1. marilyn Iversen says:

    Hello–I knew your father many years ago when Cal and Margot Todd used to buy registered hereford bulls from my dad. My brother had The Two Champs sculptor for some years until life’s circumstances forced him to sell it. Harry was a real character and a wonderful artist. The world will miss him. Marilyn Iversen

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