This is a brand new blog created for Harry Jackson Studios.  Harry Jackson is an artist who has done some incredible work and led an unbelievable life.  There will be much more posted here as time allows.


4 Responses to About

  1. Neal Elkind says:

    I use to pass the John Wayne statue every day on my way to work, and i never stopped thinking how much “The duke” would have loved to have seen it. I’m an ole die hard John Wayne fan, and believe this is a fine tribute to a wonderful american.

    One thing it should be moved to the Autry Museum, because standing there at the Flynt building just doesn’t sit right by me.

  2. Rebecca Nelson Loveland says:

    My father was a lifelong friend of Harry’s. They met when my dad was 13 and Harry was 16 at the Pitchfork Ranch in Wyoming. I just learned of Harry’s death today and am very saddened. Rest in peace, Harry.
    Btw, Neal, Harry knew John Wayne very well. Here is the last known televised interview of Harry:

  3. Morton P. Levine says:

    I was so sad to hear that Mr. Jackson has passed away. My sincere condolences to the family. I have a painted Ol Sabertooth that I purchased from you many years ago and my son who has a 50th birthday next week has always admired mine and I will not give it to him, however I would like to buy another and want to know if you have one for sale. Thanks….. Morton Levine

  4. Carolyn Agro-Buonocore says:

    My husband and I were so sorry to hear the news of Harry’s passing, our sincerest sympathies to the family. We usually heard from him in April around tax season when he would be in NY. I sent an email in April and when it went unanswered I started searching and discovered he passed. We regret not coming out to Wy when Harry asked us, we were both recovering and unable to make the trip at the time. He wanted us to see the Italian Bar painting where my husband’s grandfather is featured. Harry will always be with us in spirit and we have many wonderful memories of time spent, meals shared, lots of laughs and deep discussions.

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